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Stones of cheap Calcium Carbonate

We produce the best Calcium Carbonate with the highest purity and whiteness in the market.

Close to your door

Since 1963 we are constantly improving our technical means to meet our customers highest quality requirements in calcium carbonate, mortars and white aggregates production.
The exceptional properties of our calcite and the bulk of our deposit are the keys to obtain very stable and high quality products.
Thanks to our years of experience we have developed a management system enabling us to offer a very competitive price in the market, maintaining the quality of our products and the customer service.
We have a production capacity of more than 1500 tons per day.
We are very concerned with respect for the environment and comply with all relevant legislation.
From extraction and processing to packing for dispatch.
The proximity to the Ports of Asturias and Cantabria makes us an ideal provider.