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  • limestone quarry
  • production equipment
  • processing line calcites
  • Calcium carbonate processing facility
  • fabrication of limestone
  • machines processing CaCO3


The exceptional characteristics of our calcite and the bulk of our deposits are the key to obtain very stable and high quality products.

Almost everything is now done automatically, from extraction and processing to packaging for dispatch.

The treatment plant is adjacent to the quarry, which enable the sorting and transfer of the limestone to be performed under the best conditions.

We have 4 appliances with 7 independent lines of production, to subject the ore to the different processes in order to achieve the specifications of each product.


Area of extraction of more than 26ha.

We have a long-term vision in terms of our deposits; More than 35 years.our quarry

In the Treatment Plant the stone is ground to different sizes. The different sizes are selected by different sieves. Some material is sent to grinders for manufacture other type of products smaller in size.

The resulting material is stored in a storage silo.PLANTA2

All packaging processes are automated.big bags

The test performed in our laboratories and external laboratories and the control systems associated to the stages of extraction selection and mineral procesing, verify amd ensure the quality and traceability of each product.

officewe coordinate all the orders from our office, located in the most important city of Asturias, Gijon.